Coaching Team

With more than 20 years of coaching experience, Coach Willie van der Westhuizen is the Director and Head Coach at the VDWTA. He is part of a very proud Family Coaching Legacy. He was the Gauteng North Provincial 12/u coach from 2004-2018. As a player he was both a Northern Transvaal (Gauteng North) Junior Provincial player and part of the 1997 TUT team that won the SA Universities Championship. Studied Sport Sciences at TUT.

Coach Tarryn Jonker is a former number 1 junior player in South Africa. She was part of the International Tennis Federation Training Squad as a player and part of the Gauteng North Junior Interprovincial Team, receiving Gauteng-North Colours from U/12 to U/18. She played for USSASA U/18 and received her Junior SA Colours.

Coach Lionel Jarrard was a top 15 SA Junior Tennis Player and also received his Gauteng North Junior colours. He was the Number 1 player at TUKS during the time he studied there and also received his National University colours.

Coach Francois Theron has been coaching at the VDWTA since 2018. He has been training at the Academy since 2008.

Coach Kyla Yelverton is a former Top 20 Junior player and she obtained her Junior Provincial Tennis Colors from Gauteng East. She has been selected as part of the 2018 USSA Team and is currently the Number 2 Singles player and Number 1 doubles player at the University of Pretoria (TUKS).

Coach Jandré van Wyk joined the VDWTA at the start of 2019. He will unfortunately be leaving us in 2020 to play College Tennis in the USA.

Academy Coaching Legends 1975-2020

Coach Jack van der Westhuizen is the founder of the VDWTA. He coached professionally since 1975. He was a former Provincial Tennis and Soccer player, and one of the most experienced Tennis Coaches in South Africa. He unfortunately passed away in 2020.

"It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of my father, Jack van der Westhuizen’s, passing yesterday afternoon. We were blessed to still have him with us on his 90th birthday on the 26th of July. He was a loving father, grandfather & great grandfather and a gentle and caring person. “Oom Jack” was also an absolute legend in South African tennis coaching, enriching the lives of thousands of children through the years. He will be sorely missed... Thank you for all the love and support from everybody 🙏🏼. Coach Willie"

Coach Tienie van der Westhuizen is the co-founder of the VDWTA. She coached professionally since 1979, and enriched thousands of kids’ lives over the years. She unfortunately passed away in 2018.


Established in 1979, the VDWTA is home to more than 250 students ranging from age 5 to 65. Through the years the VDWTA has produced many Provincial no.1's, National Champions, National Top 10 Players and International Junior and Senior Players. The heart of the Academy is firmly nestled in our BDP(Beginner Development Program). We believe that Beginners are the Champions of Tomorrow, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have instilled a love for the game and made champions of many beginner players that started with us.

The VDWTA offers year round Junior and Senior Tennis Programs that cater for both Beginners and Competitive level players. The VDWTA is a great place to be introduced to Tennis. Whether you want your children to start playing, or you want to try something new. Our caring staff will provide a relaxed atmosphere for all students to develop in. If you are an experienced high level tennis player, the VDWTA is a wonderful place to come improve your game. With focused, intense training sessions and catered personal attention, you can become so much more than you thought you could be.
The Academy offers a variety of options that will cater for all levels of play, and training that is tailored to each player’s characteristics and abilities, both in terms of tennis technique, physical preparation and mental preparation. Our Tennis Professionals are trained to provide structured, fun, successful sessions, regardless of the ability or fitness level of students.

Mini Tennis
For kids aged 5 to 9 years old, these classes are especially designed to give young children of all skill-levels the chance to play tennis right from the start. The smaller courts, softer balls and lower nets make it possible for kids to have fun playing tennis, and doing what their favourite players on TV do. These sessions are physically less demanding and less technical, with the focus on accomplishing short term goals and playing over the nets as soon as possible.


  • Light physical training sessions
  • Smaller court size, Lower net height
  • Softer and Lighter Stage 3 "Red" balls and Stage 2 "Orange" balls
  • Coaching approach is adapted appropriately with good balance between Learning and Fun

Junior Program
For beginner, Intermediate and Performance level players between the age of 8 and 17. The Junior Program caters for all, and is tailored to individual need. For those who wish to move onto the next level in their tennis game, the Program combines physical training, technical and tactical sessions as well as competition preparation.


  • Organisation of groups according to level
  • Higher level of physical training sessions(adapted to the age and condition of each player)
  • 12 & under players use Stage 1 "Green Dot" balls
  • Coaching approach is adapted appropriately to establish a sound Technical and Tactical foundation

Performance Program
Whatever their age, the Academy is the ideal environment for players to discover tennis at a high level or to allow players to improve their level from a competition perspective. With personalized individual attention, the program adapts to suit each player's Training and Tournament needs.


  • Increased focus on Mental, Tactical and Match-play development
  • High level of physical training sessions focusing on Speed, Agility and Fitness
  • Technical, Tactical and Strategical analysis
  • Coaching approach is adapted appropriately to focus on Competition and Performance


The Academy organizes and hosts Junior Tennis Clinics during the Public-School Holidays. The Tennis Clinics incorporate times of Training, Coaching, Match-play, Games and Competitions to create well-balanced days of Fun and Training. Daily Prizes and Lucky Draws add a nice touch to every Games Session and Competition, leaving players with a feeling of accomplishment and encouraging them to try and reach higher levels of participation. With two to four coaches present at all times during Clinics, every child gets plenty of personal attention.

Holiday Tennis Clinic: Unfortunately there will not be a Holiday Tennis Clinic in December 2019.


The Tennis Academy organizes and hosts "The Jack van der Westhuizen Dunlop Junior Tennis Round Robin” four times a year. “The Jack” has become an institution in the yearly Junior Tennis Calendar, with thousands of children having participated in it over the years. Many former and current Top Provincial and National Players will tell you that they remember playing "The Jack" as their first tournament.

National and International Tennis Tours

The Academy undertakes various national tournament tours throughout the year eg. our annual March/April SA Nationals Tour to Bloemfontein. Coach Willie and 14 Academy Students travelled to Barcelona, Spain to go train at the Catalunya Tennis Resort during the June/July holidays in 2016, and another International tour is soon to be confirmed.

Tennis Holidays and Safaris

The Academy also hosts amazing South African Tennis Holidays, where tour groups can come and experience the beautiful Wildlife and Attractions in South Africa. During the 21 day tour you will have the opportunity to take a Boat-Safari, go Tracking with specialized guides and enjoy Cocktails while the African Sun sets in the background. You will also have the opportunity to spend valuable time on court with our seasoned Pro Coaches, who will help you shape and mold your game to enrich your experience when playing. Group members get to play Tennis at various venues all over the country, ranging from beautiful Resort Courts, to Classic Clubs. Experiencing the lovely Tennis Culture that the country offers, can range from an afternoon of Intense Competition, to fresh Milk Tart and Tea or even a couple of Steaks and some Boerewors on the braai. Every Holiday caters for the individual’s Tennis needs.

Groups will also have the opportunity to visit the Nelson Mandela Tennis Stadium in Soweto. Groups will also visit the Junior Tennis Development and Upliftment Programs in Soweto and Mamelodi townships, interacting and playing Tennis with the kids and their coaches. During these visits groups will get to donate Rackets and Balls to the kids and coaches. Any private donations of gear etc. are also welcome, and well monitored to make sure it gets to the intended recipients.

Whether you want to bring your Friends, your Club, your College Team or come by Yourself, you will have an unbelievable experience.



Session Overview:

  • Morning sessions start from 6h15
  • Afternoon sessions start at 12h30 and end at 17h30
  • Evening sessions start at 17h45

Set Daily Session Times:

  • 12h40: Grade R & RR Mini Tennis (Pick-up at 12h30)
  • 13h45: Grade 1 & 2 Mini Tennis
  • 14h30: Grade 3 and up Group Lessons

Set Daily Squad Times:

  • Junior Intermediate/Advanced Squad: 15h00 - 16h00
  • Senior Elite Squad: 15h30 - 17h30
  • Wednesdays:
  • Junior Intermediate Squad: 16h00 - 17h00
  • Thursdays:
  • Junior Elite Squad: 15h30 - 17h30
  • Fridays:
  • Junior Beginner/Intermediate Squad: 14h30 - 15h30
  • Junior Intermediate/Advanced Squad: 15h30 - 16h30

Main Session Structures:

  • Mini Tennis sessions
  • Group lesson sessions (4 players per lesson)
  • Semi-Private lesson sessions (2 players per lesson)
  • Private training (hitting) sessions (1 player per session)
  • Private lesson sessions (1 player per lesson)
  • Squad-Training sessions
  • Elite Squad-Training sessions

2020 Fee Structures - All Fees Worked Out Per Public School Term

Weekly Session Structures30min Sessions45min Sessions2x30min or 60min120min
Mini Tennis (Gr.R-Gr.2)R1050 - R1800-
Group SessionsR1250-R2100-
Semi-Private SessionsR1950R2925 R3900-
Private Training (Hitting) Sessions R1950 R2925R3900-
Private Coaching SessionsR2450R3675R4900-
Squad - - R750 -
Elite Squad - - - R1500


Monument Park Tennis Club
53 Elephant Rd
Monument Park
Pretoria East
South Africa

For further information please complete the form. We will get back to you as soon as we have the ball in our court! Or drop us a mail:



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